Why Spell Check is Important

What’s more attractive? A handwritten Yard Sale Sign or a custom designed banner? Businesses try and save money and create their own signage, the problem is…that is not their specialty. It is ours. Let SignsInASnap attract the right attention for your business, yard sale, or special event!

Last year we shared 2010’s biggest sign fails, now let’s take a peek into 2011’s misspelled signs so far!

Ironically, this sign fails to make its point. We wonder how long this marquee lasted.

Imagine children standing by the crosswalk reading this, not the most educating school district. Let’s just hope it gets repainted by next semester.

Now, this is definitely the wrong message a business wants to send to their new or current customers.  Let SignsInASnap bring new management in with a bang with our custom vinyl banners. Guaranteed to make a lasting impression and let your competitors know you mean business.

Don’t they want people to take them seriously? They should have called SignsInASnap!

Advertising is a crucial part of a success. A custom banner will not only attract customers, it will leave your business, fashion show, or yard sale with professionalism. Do not make the mistake of misspelled words on your sign. Let the professionals at SignsInASnap work our magic!

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