Street Pole Banners

Throwing a block party? Hosting a street fair? Organizing the local farmer’s market? Whatever the occasion, take advantage of the opportunity to position your event properly with street pole banners? Sounds familiar? That’s because they made our list of top 5 vinyl banner uses last month!

It’s not always enough to just put a few yard signs out, think high, proud and loud when trying to draw large crowds to a specific location. Because these will be on a much smaller scale than your typical custom vinyl banner, you’ll want to keep the imagery and message as simple as possible.

Find a simple, yet bold graphic that best encompasses your message and stick to the basics, event name, date, time and location. Running out of room? Use different signs for different parts of the message. Keep the graphic and title on each banner but use one to announce when and another to announce when and alternate the message.

Need to provide more info to guests? Use a website and create a short link that can be easily seen and understood from the ground looking up.  Talk to the experts at SignsInASnap today and see how we can help with your next vinyl banner need!

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