Don’t Deter Customers with a Bad First Impression

Recently we had a meeting with a local company and upon arriving found ourselves verifying the address multiple times only to find we had been at the correct place the whole time. Why? The window at the entry of their office had the wrong company name on it. So, while were at the correct location it was impossible for us to confirm this on first glance. To say the least, it was quite confusing and a bit frustrating as well.

Turns out they were new to the building and were trying to start the process of getting their window signage updated with our cut vinyl graphics and lettering. We gladly offered our assistance in correcting the window display and wondered how many other companies were inadvertently hurting their business by inaccurately displaying their company name.

Window signage is crucial for businesses of any size, new or old. Not only does it verify to your current and potential customer who the company is, but it is also the first impression your company makes to everyone entering your building or office.

Proper entry displays on windows and doors reassure the customer they are at the right location – as was the problem in our situation we previously described. Problems can also arise when a customer is not familiar with the location, and cannot find the proper window signage. The customer is aggravated and displeased at this point and could potentially hurt the outcome of your future relationship. Make it easier for everyone and brand your company effectively from all angles, especially the entrance to your business.

Not only is proper window display and identification helpful, and often vital, for customer satisfaction but is also often the first representation someone has of your company. We all know what a first impression can do for us personally – it can make us or break us. But how many people truly think about the first impression their business is making? First impressions are extremely important in today’s competitive business world. Bold, brilliant, and creative window signage will help assure your company will be noticed and never overlooked. Who wants to be boring, when you can be brilliant? Talk to us today to see how we can help you put your best foot forward!

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