Sponsorships: The Hidden Marketing Opportunity

Want to get your brand out there and recognized by the general public but don’t have the marketing dollars to spend millions on ads? One way to get your brand mentioned and in the faces of your target audience, other than custom vinyl banners and signs from SignsInASnap of course, is by sponsoring local events that will put you in front of your target demographic.

Depending on the event and type of sponsorship, your company’s name and logo could appear in multiple places: banners, print ads, direct mail, emails, newsletters, programs, websites, radio and more. Don’t have the cash for a sponsorship? Talk to the event coordinator about in-kind sponsorship opportunities. Offer products, services or company resources in exchange for a sponsorship opportunity.

Don’t know where to start in your quest for the perfect sponsorship? Let us help with a quick list of our top opportunity ideas.

Special events – These opportunity are occasional and usual one-off opportunities such as grand openings, concerts, awards ceremonies, etc. that can be utilized regularly through multiple companies.

Trade shows and Conferences – These large scale, and sometimes smaller depending on the industry, events offer a prime opportunity to get in front of a large group of businesses. Events can happen annually, quarterly, or monthly depending on the event size and industry.

Networking events – Similar to Trade shows and conference, these events will land you in front of prime B2B business but can be managed on a much smaller scale and utilized on a more frequent basis. These events typically utilize heavy marketing and social media efforts to draw attention and attendance so the opportunity for your name to be seen repeatedly is very high.

Annual community events – Each community is different with the events they host, contact your local Convention & Visitors Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to target events that fit your demographic. This could be anything from 4th of July Fireworks to Harvest Celebrations, the opportunities for these events are as varied as they are endless.

Newsletter or Blog – Subscribe to a newsletter or blog for the latest industry news? So do other people in your industry! Consider sponsoring items you receive and read regularly to reach your target audience.

Fundraisers – Schools and local charities hold numerous fundraisers every year, affording numerous opportunities for local businesses to sponsor a dance, silent auction, concert, or walk-run event.

Non-profits – Small, local non-profits are always looking for support from their community. They often host regular events including committee dinners, lectures, exhibits, information sessions, etc. that would provide ideal sponsorship opportunities.

Local sports teams – Local sports teams, from Little League to ice hockey and even adult recreational leagues, need sponsors to help pay for (or provide) uniforms, equipment, trophies, and more.

Have more sponsorship ideas, questions on the information above or maybe looking for something more specific? Let us know in the comments below!

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