Banner Location is Key

You have created the perfect custom vinyl banner to announce your next event or promotion; don’t let it go to waste by displaying it in an unsavory location. As important as the design itself, location can play a large part in the effectiveness of your message and how it is perceived.

Driving home this evening I noticed a great banner for a local business prominently displayed street side. The message was clear and concise, the colors vibrant and eye-catching and graphic were used minimally, but in an effective manner. One would assume that based on these high marks I would have been compelled to stop and visit the establishment. However, I was not. Why not? The sign was so grossly mis-displayed that I quickly drew focus elsewhere and move on.

The beautifully designed banner was half heartedly thrown across a dumpster that was located between the street and store front. While, admittedly, the dumpster is in a pretty awful location and the sign could have been an attempt to cover mask the situation, it simply made the sign look like a piece of discarded trash. There were several other locations the banner could have been displayed and would have been much more effective.

When creating your next custom vinyl banner, think beyond the sign itself and pick a location that will prominently and proudly display your new marketing item. Store fronts, street side retainer walls, doorways and interior walls make prime locations depending on the purpose of your custom vinyl banner.

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