Spice Up Your Bar and Restaurant Marketing!

Recently one of our clients, Salsa Sensations, asked us to create some custom vinyl banners for an event they were hosting at a bar. Instead of just setting up shop and hoping people came by to ask what was going on, they decided to make a colorful announcement of their presence and purpose at this bar. With the bright red banners they were able to draw attention to their salsa tasting and get more crowd attention.

Think about all the events and promotions that bars, restaurants and food/beverage brands host and how much more attention these efforts would get if they were more noticeable and announced.  We offered a few marketing tips for restaurants and bars last week and, as promised, here’s some more food for thought (pun intended!).

Spread the word about specials, contests and events.

Do you host Monday Night Football events? Offer Taco Tuesdays? What about a regular happy hour line up? Why leave these important crowd pleasures to menu inserts and tabletop displays? Create colorful, attention-grabbing vinyl banners to display proudly on the exterior of your building and minimized versions for vinyl signs on the interior walls.

The more your customers, and potential customers are aware of your specials and what you have to offer, the more chance you will get to increase sales by not only attracting new business, but also retaining and upselling current business. With low prices like those offered at SignsInASnap and easy to use online design center, promoting your company has never been easier. Keep visiting our blog for more idea for affordable marketing practices!

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