Where to Use Your Vinyl Banners

When you hear vinyl banner, what do you think of? Little league sponsorship signs? Welcome home signs for military? While those are great uses for custom vinyl banners, we have a list of uses you might not have considered before.

Outdoor Advertising – Get maximum outdoor exposure for your business with large banners hanging on the on and around your building. Sizes can also be customized depending on your design and where it will be posted.

Party Announcements – Expecting a new baby? Hosting a milestone birthday party? Celebrating a retirement? No matter what the occasion, let the neighborhood know there is cause for a celebration and guests know they are at the right place with a large banner with a simple “Congratulations”, “Happy Birthday” or “It’s a Boy” (or Girl) message displayed out front.

Sports Sponsorships – Starting a little league team or maybe work for a professional sports team? Line the fences with vinyl banners proudly displaying the logos of those who have helped you along the way.

Vinyl banners leave endless possibilities for promotional opportunities. We’ve given you a sampling of the various uses; now share your ideas with us! What is your favorite use for a custom vinyl banner? Need a custom vinyl banner made? Talk to the experts at SignsInASnap to get started on your next project!

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