Tips for Successful “Marketing Constants”

Amid a world of social media and internet marketing, it is easy to forget the importance of “marketing constants”, such as custom vinyl banners, billboard advertisements and consistent branding efforts. While strategic online marketing is imperative to a companies success, equally so should be marketing initiatives that your customers can feel, touch and see outside of their 27” computer screens.

With the marketing atmosphere hyper-focused on the digital age it can be a scary thought to commit to marketing collateral that can’t necessarily be changed at the drop of a hat. Here are a few tips to help you put fears to rest and make confident and wise decisions when selecting your “marketing constants”.

Identify your goals
Do you want to attract new customers? Retain existing customers? Sell a product? Deliver a message? Once you have your goals in mind you will be able to more effectively identify strategies and tools for measuring success.

Define your brand
Once you have decided who you want to reach and what you want to tell them, you need to decide on the image you want them to see. Start with a designing a logo and color scheme. Already have both? Create brand awareness with complete integration and standardization of logos and colors into all messages, online and otherwise, including letterhead, signage, coupons, and more.

Know your customers
Make yourself an expert on your target customer and know what they are looking for. Research what your competitors are doing and do it better.

Create eye-catching messages and displays
Whether you are creating point of purchase displays, large custom banners, direct mail flyers or billboards, your message needs to stand out from the crowd. Utilize colors, graphics, designs and font styles that accurately represent your company.

Seek professional help
Use pre-designed templates to get professional-looking designs at a fraction of the cost. Have a few extra bucks to spare? Invest, even if it is just one time, in a professional graphic designer to create an individualized design to catch more attention. This is a one-off expense that defines your business and will eventually pay for itself with the added business it will bring in.

Armed with these five best practices in marketing, you are sure to attract attention to your company and accurately spread your message, whatever it may be.

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