How To: Make Sure Your Sign or Banner is Legal

After several meetings, mock-ups, arguments and late nights, your company has finally created a new marketing plan.  Decisions have been finalized, your new items are back from your preferred printer (hopefully that is us!) and you are excited for installation of your brand new vinyl banners and signs. However, only days after your instillation is complete and final payments have been made, a notice from the City arrives requiring immediate removal of your new pride and joy.

Don’t let this happen to you! Every city has developed and operates under very specific City Codes. These codes offer guidelines and regulations, voted on by City Council, regarding a multitude of situations including noise ordinances, curfew for minors, business permits and marketing signage.

Signage limitations can range from size/color restrictions to material used/graphical design and more. Many cities require permits for any and all signs and the process can be quite lengthy with severely delayed approval times To access your city’s codes, visit you local government page.

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