How To: Design An Eye Catching Vinyl Banner

One of the best ways to gain visibility and get new customers for your business is to display custom vinyl banners on your building. Exterior banners are the best way to capture all of the drive-by traffic that passes your business every day. So how do you design an effective, eye-catching banner that will really grab your customer’s attention? It’s simple, especially with’s easy to use online banner designer. We make it easy to create your own signs without hiring an expensive graphic designer.

Here are a few easy tips to designing a vinyl banner to get your customer’s attention:

1. Keep your message clear and simple. No matter what size your banner is, be concise with your word choice. Keep your messages short and sweet so that someone driving by can quickly read the message. Let’s say you have an apartment building that has freeway exposure or is on a busy street, consider value-added wording like “Free Utilities For 1 Year!” or “Brand New Apartments + Free Rent!” This message clearly tells your customer what you offer and gives them an incentive to stop, call or visit your website. Less is more!

2. Include a phone number, website or text message. Chances are good that your customer is passing by your business while on their way to somewhere else. That means that along with your compelling, concise message, you must give them a way to reach you or get more information so that when they have time later, they can reach your business. Include your company’s phone number or a short URL that they can remember to visit your website. If your website is long, consider purchasing a shorter URL (that makes sense for your business) that re-directs to your website. This is also a great way to track how many visitors you are getting to your website specifically from your banner. Another great option is to include a short code for customers to send a text message to get more information about your business.

3. Use colors that stand out against your building and the natural environment. The last thing you want is for your exterior banner to blend right into your building. Use colors that stand out and that work well with each other. Also, consider your customer when choosing colors. Bright or neon colors might work well if you are targeting college students, but may not work so well if you are trying to reach business owners. Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel should not typically be used together as they will blend together and may be lost. Some good options include:

  • Black on Yellow
  • White on Blue
  • Red on White
  • Yellow on Brown
  • Green on White
  • Red on Yellow
  • Yellow on Black
  • White on Red

4. Choose a font that is easy to read and pops. Keep it simple with only 1 or 2 fonts on your custom banner. Use fonts that are easy to read (sans serif fonts are typically best); your banner should be legible from far away and also from up close. Make sure your text is large so it has the maximum impact…it’s easy to do this if you don’t try to cram too many words on your banner.

At, it’s easy and fun to create your custom vinyl banner or sign! You can choose to upload a design that you or your graphic designer has already created, or use our simple design tool to create your own on the spot. Our professional printers and marketing experts are always available to help with your design if needed. Once you finish designing your banner at SignsInASnap, your banner will be shipped to you hemmed on all four edges for added strength, with grommets approximately every two or three feet for easy hanging. Our vinyl banners are digitally printed with solvent inks on 13 oz premium vinyl banner scrim to ensure a long life! Plus, we offer all of our products, whether you need a heavy-duty mesh banner, a vinyl banner, a coroplast sign, vehicle magnet or anything else, at near wholesale prices.

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