Tips on Choosing Banner Materials: Standard Vinyl, Mesh or Heavy Duty

Do you have a killer design in mind but don’t know how to choose between  standard vinyl, mesh or heavy-duty banner material? We’re here to help at! Each type of banner is great (and of course the highest of quality at SignsInASnap), but you need to make sure you are choosing the best material for the purpose of your banner.

Standard vinyl banners are made from a 13 oz material and are a low cost form of outdoor and indoor advertising. Vinyl banners are most often used to promote a company’s logo, a special promotion, event, team or school. Vinyl banner material is a very flexible as well as portable material so vinyl banners can be used just about anywhere at any time, but a standard vinyl banner should only be used indoors or outdoors in mild weather to ensure the longest lifespan of your custom sign. There are several options when purchasing vinyl banners including single or double sided print as well as customization levels such as full color graphics, size, number of grommet holes and choices of pre-made banners and customizable templates.

Mesh banners are made of a 9 oz vinyl material, which means that they possess the same durability as standard vinyl banners and are designed for  outdoors in high wind situations, mounting over roadways or between poles. The difference is seen in the way the vinyl is constructed throughout the banner – mesh vinyl banners have tiny holes which make them ideal for windy situations as well as indoor window displays – the tiny holes allow light to come through the window and visibility in and out as well as dissipate wind.

Heavy duty banners are made from a thick, matte vinyl material (18 oz) that allows for long-term outdoor use where durability is essential. The smooth matte surface is perfect for digital printing and can meet any customization needs. Heavy-duty banners are the perfect solution for outdoor areas that get a lot of snow and rain.

All three types of banners are totally customizable and will allow for optimal opportunity to market your organization!

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